Non-Voice Services

Non-Voice Services

(A) Data Entry

✓ Keyboarding (only English)
✓ Proof reading
✓ Mailing List Development
✓ Accounting system data entry
✓ Form processing- Application processing
✓ Online/Offline data entry
✓ Data Conversion
✓ High volume any format data to PDF/MS Word/CSV for easy import and portability
✓ Any format to Image
✓ Scanning & OCR
✓ Conversion of client or mailing lists
✓ Key crucial inventory data into new systems
✓ Digitize office procedures, manuals, manuscripts
✓ Process Bulk Survey/Registrations

(B) Data Encoding

✓ Extract Information from complicated forms/data presentation
✓ PDF Processing – Bookmark Creation, Cover Insertion, Image Insertion

(C) Web Data Harvesting

✓ URL Verification
✓ Contacts Information Gathering
✓ Pulling Data from Websites/Portals
✓ Conversion to Database or other formats
✓ HTML/PDF Data Extraction
✓ Real-time monitoring of websites

(D) Research

✓ Web research
✓ Marketing research

(E) Web Content Data Entry and Editing

(F) Web link and Directory Submission

(G) Monitoring Communities and Blog Posting and Submissions

(H) Virtual Assistance

By outsourcing your day-to-day NON-Core business activities to us, you can concentrate on your
core jobs and save around 60% of your administrative costs to increase your profitability.
Furthermore, you can have a full fledged, state of the art, back office without investing a single
penny on system upgrades, data security, human resources etc.

(I) Customer Support

✓ Offshore 24/7 Live Chat Support
✓ Offshore Customer Support
✓ Offshore E-mail Support